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Quality Refurbished CB &10 - Meter Radios
Our Refurbished CB and 10-Meter radios have either been refurbished in house by our team of professional technicians unless or are direct from the manufacture. At times we have factory refurbished models available. All components have been inspected and addressed accordingly regardless of the refurbishing source. All radios have been reset to factory specifications, and include a stock mic, power cord, side mounting screws, and mounting bracket.
In house refurbished CB radios have a 90 day parts and labor warranty. In house refurbished 10-meter radios have a 6 month parts and labor warranty.
Factory refurbished radios have a 1 year MFG warranty. The warranty covers defects in material and workmanship. Minor scratches and blemishes are to be expected.
Our refurbished radios are in very good shape. To Purchase a refurbished radio just click on the radios image or model number, this will take you to the purchase page.
More information and a larger image is provided on the purchase page.
CB Radios
We will be adding refurbished radios soon. Please check back.

10 Meter Radios



Notice: For Citizen Band Radios
Internal modifications of any type void type acceptance granted by the FCC. If you intend to operate a modified transceiver within the Continental United States you may be in violation of Part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations. We recommend reading and familiarizing yourself with part 95 of the FCC rules and regulations before operating a transceiver.

10 - Meter Radio License Disclosure:
A license to operate certain two way radios may be required by your federal/local government. Operating certain radio equipment without such license may be illegal in your area. The end user consumer is solely responsible for acquiring such license and for the proper use of all radio equipment. 10 meter radios are Amateur radios and not CB transceivers. Therefore, 10 meter radios are not governed by Part 95 of 47 C.F.R, but by Part 97 of 47 C.F.R. Part 97 does not require type acceptance of Amateur radios.

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