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As they say, the proof is in the pudding. Testimonials from our customers.   To share your experience with others please give a review with Facebook, Google, or Yelp.
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Thanks in advance, Clay Thompson
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Emails from our customers
JimmyI cannot say enough good things about Clay’s Radio Shop. Over the last year I have placed many orders with this company. They are always very knowledgeable about their products, will offer alternative suggestions on products that may even cost them additional sales and profits.
Clay’s Radio Shop is ALL about customer service and satisfaction…A rare commodity in this day and age.
One additional comment about a service they offer. If you have a CB radio in your car, truck, or motorcycle…You HAVE to let Clay’s Radio Shop “Tweak” the receiver. It’s not at all pricey and well worth every cent! I purchased a JM audio system for my Harley last year.
Clay suggested I have them tune the receiver, which I wasn’t looking to see much improvement as the radio was new. Was I ever wrong! It is so good that I have to keep the CB totally “squelched back” on channel 19, or I’ll hear truckers on the interstate 30-40 miles away!
This is a MUST if you use CB. My ONLY disappointment is right now they are unable to “Tweak” the CB on my 2010 Gold Wing. As soon as am notified they have this capability, my Honda CB will be enroute to their shop.   Jimmy M. Jones
RandyArrived right on time - good service, etc. Thanks. Pretty refreshing these days to get promises fulfilled this way. Randy
JimSuper Customer Service - Thanks! -Jim C---
MichaelSir, Thank You for your help. You have really impressed me with your honesty and integrity. I will shop with you again, in fact I now consider you to be my CB repairman.
I will also recommend you to all my friends. We do not have a repair shop around here and the closest one is not very good at repair.
I would like to offer you a spot on my web site!  I think you would make a great addition to my web site. Thanks Again, Michael H---
DavidClay, I corresponded with you a few weeks back regarding installation of a radio in my pickup. I want to purchase this radio with options (tune and peak etc.) from you who I know to be the best from past experience.
Please tell me the best day of the week and time to be there to purchase equipment, match to system in my truck etc. As it will be a 400+ mile turn around for me and a day off from work.
P.S. I haven't made up my mind what radio I will get, my decision will be based on your recommendation. Thanks, David M---
RobertThank you for your quick response, and your tech's on the phone are excellent with customer service, Again Thank you for the excellent customer service, I will recommend you to my friends for Radio repairs.. Sincerely, Robert F---
KennyThank you very much, my 1st contact was from mobile to a base in ky 30 miles away with a lot of background noise, he could not believe I was in my truck.  me either,   thanks  Kenny
DavidJust wanted to thank you for the excellent service and a great radio. I put it to good use this weekend on the Mojave Trail - made our 138 off road miles allot safer for our small group (no cell coverage at all).   I also wanted to let you know that while we were on our way back last night (Southbound 15 from Yermo), we heard someone ask about a CB shop in the area. 
This topic quickly got several responses about the diversity of shop practices and kinda went downhill within a few short minutes.  Then someone came on and started talking about the shop they had used for 30 years down in Texas, Clays Radio.  Was kinda cool to hear that out on this coast and good to know I made the right choice. Thanks again,   David N
Merlin I just wanted to let you guys know the Galaxy DX 929 ( with tune up) I bought from you last week is awesome! WOW! It works like a charm with plenty of power for me. Thanks. Merlin J---
StevenI just wanted to say thank you for the prompt service I received. My Connex radio works great and I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Thanks again, Steven D---
JoeYou guys are the best. If there are extra costs for shipping, please let me know and I will reimburse you for those. 1/7/06 is great because it's my birthday and this will be received like a gift. Thanks a bunch! Joe D---
TravisJust writing to you I got my radio Friday and I love it works great the shipping was fast and ordering was easy so just a word of thanks to all at Clays Radio Shop. Sincerely, Travis t---
Carl & DebbieClay, just a word of thanks for the work on our C.B. yesterday. We've been checking out your web site, it really looks good. We believe it will be a big help since the company is keeping us on the east coast now.
Deb and I do not want any one else working on our radios because your shop is one of the few in the country that tells it like it is.
You don't cheat or over sell your customers. For the last 18 years, you have done about 95% of all our work and in the future, you will be the only one we go to for radios and repair. Keep up the good work, and good luck with this new venture. Thanks, Carl & Debbie
DianeThank you so much for ALL the help!!!! you are a reputable company that I will refer to all my friends. Diane D---
Scott HI, I have had great service & sales with Clays radio shop the staff is great to deal with and know all about CB RADIOS. I THINK CLAYS IS THE BEST IN THE COUNTRY THE SERVICE IS GREAT.& CLAY KNOWS HIS RADIOS BETTER THAN ANYBODY. Thank you. Scott M. N. Y.
UrmasJust got my 148F GTL back from your shop . Absolutely outstanding work ! They paid attention to every little detail ! My sincerest thanks to the tech and Clays Radio Shop for good old fashion "HONEST" repair work ! You now have a new customer Clay......Best regards . Urmas
Playmate Ranch We at the Playmate Ranch greatly appreciate the speed and easy purchase of the CB radio and power supply's we ordered. We as novices; carefully chose a model and you tuned the unit to perfection. It installed and worked wonderfully right out of the box. Thank you again for your easy manner and excellent help. Wade and Edith
Shipping ClaimThanks for all your hard work on getting this taken care of, no one else would have gone this for, you and all of your crew are # 1 in my book. Thanks again. Robert
DarleneSherri, When I ordered this radio on line, I was very nervous about it.  After talking to you on the phone and receiving your assistance in getting my Order, I feel confident that I am dealing with a responsible and reputable company and you have not only made it possible to receive my order when I wanted it, but you have taken the time and made the effort to make me feel like an important customer.  For that, I thank you. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. Sincerely, Darlene E---
JacquesClay, Thank you Thank you Thank you! You are great! What great service we had! First you suggested just the right JMCB-2003 model for my Harley. You went out of your way and even further to help me . What you promise we got. Even the optional parts that you promised were sent N/C to me. I still don't believe it. No one should hesitate to buy merchandise from you. I will highly recommend Clays Radio Shop because of their honesty and integrity to all of my Hog (Harley Owners Group) members looking for a CB radio. Once again thank you. Best regards, Jacques
EdI plan on using you guys for all my radio needs! you guys are outstanding! Thanks, Ed M
PatrickDear Clay, I want to thank you for the service,the radio works excellently SWR reading 1.5 wonderful job I will defiantly pass on your business. Sincerely Patrick
DaleJust a quick note to let you know I received the radio and I'm very happy with it.  Thanks for recommending it to me.  And thanks again for all of your help. Everyone I have dealt with at your company was polite and informative.  It's nice to do business with people who know what they're talking about and, more importantly, are trustworthy.  No doubt you will hear from me again the future when I purchase additional items...  Dale C---
JerryClays I received my radio and mic today. I wanted to Thank You and tell you if I need anything else I'll check with you guys first. Good Job!! Again Thanks Jerry
ChrisMy handy new radio arrived at this place today, have found an antenna, and everything really works well. Thanks for the prompt and terrific work, should the need arise, I would be pleased to buy from you again. Chris G---
SteveHi there thanks for the great service on my magnum S3 it works great very happy with it lots of audio I will be sure to spread your business here, thanks again Steve
JoshThe radio you guys tuned for me is great the audio is booming and the receive is awesome, I just wanted to thank you for the great work on the radio.. THANKS you have my business from now on Josh C---
Mr WThank you for the prompt service and great product. Shipping was very quick. Love the radio! Happy New Year! Mr W
DaveWow I never thought i'd get an answer on Sunday, you must really care about your customers!!!!!!!! that's great, again looking forward to getting mine soon and if your tech's know any special tricks to get the most out of the the 95t by all means please have them do it , looking forward to more purchases in the new year, thanks for the fast answer. Dave
Ken I found the web site very informative and will put it in my 'favorites'! I had some work done on my Galaxy 33 yesterday and found your shop to be top notch! The counter salesman was courteous and helpful (even after an obvious long day!) and the technician did a great job on my radio. They had no problem with talking to me about the 'inner-workings' of my radio and helped me understand the problem. Evidently, I had a minor problem with the TX/Rec switch and they fixed it fine! This was a very professional group and should be commended. Thanks and keep up the good work! Sincerely, Ken R--
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