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best cb antenna   Quad Wrapped High Gain CB Antenna
This antenna provides high Db gain and extreme bandwidth.
If you want to perform or are using a 10-meter radio this antenna is the antenna for you.

Length: 4.5 feet
Freq Range: 26 - 30 MHz
Thread Pattern: 3/8 X 24 standard thread
Color: Clear - will be black with copper wire
heavy dust cb antenna stud mount
Stud Mount Heavy Duty 90 degree
Benefits:  Very High Db gain and Extreme Bandwidth

Note: We highly recommend a heavy duty stud mount with this antenna.
Quad wrap antennas are top heavy and have a high wind drag stressing the mount even more.
If ordering a pair of antennas change the quantity of the stud mount to 2 in the shopping cart.


ProCom 4 1/2 foot Quad wrapped High Gain Antenna Only $37.95 
Stud mount 90 degree - $11.95  (Optional)

High Performance CB and 10-Meter Radio Antenna

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