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CB Radios Offering a vast selection of CB Radios, 10 Meter radios.
From economical to the highest quality at very competitive pricing!
10-meter Radios
  If knowhow is what your looking for you have found it!  30 + years in two way repair.
CB Radios by Cobra connex radios CB radios from Galaxy General
Cobra Connex Galaxy General
Stryker 10 meter radios Uniden Ranger SS158EDX 10meter radio Base Rigs
Stryker Uniden Ranger

Base Radios

CB Radios About CB Radios 10-meter Radios

CB Radios & 10 Meter Radios from Cobra, Galaxy, General, Mirage, Stryker, Uniden, and Ranger.

CB Radios from Cobra. Cobra now offers the night watch face plate, and their exclusive sound tracker noise reduction system. Their high end CB radios incorporate a built in SWR meter and antenna warning indicator for an immediate indication of trouble with your antenna system.

Radios from Connex. Connex now offers 3 mobile radios for the 10 meter band. The entire line is deigned with sensible features.

Galaxy Radios are high quality top of the line radios. Galaxy now offers the Starlite face plate. This face may just be the best in the group. New smaller chassis models (7.25w X 2.25h) variable power output control and adjustable dimmer control. Large meter with four functions, signal strength, power output, modulation, & SWR functions.

General now offers 2 mobile radios. The General Lee is the same chassis as the Connex 3300 HP but with different features.

Stryker just may have the most durable chassis available. Stryker models are loaded with awesome features. This is the line of radios we recommend when we know the end user will be subjecting the radio to extreme shock.

Ranger offers a variety of CB and 10 Meter radios including serval impressive base rigs. There models are worthy of your consideration.

CB Radios from Uniden. Uniden now offers models with an illuminated face plate, and dynamic squelch control for an enhanced squelch option. High end CB radios incorporate built in SWR meter and antenna warning indicator for an immediate indication of trouble with your antenna system. This feature can save you money and aggravation. The WX models include a built in weather receiver.

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